E-triloquist is distributed as-is without support or warranty. Install at your own risk. If you have trouble installing or using E-triloquist, please check the Trouble-Shooting Tips below for help on common E-triloquist problems, especially with the installation process. If you fill out our Contact Form, we will try to resolve your problem. Suggestions on program improvements and feedback in general also welcomed. Success stories are especially welcomed!

E-triloquist Trouble-Shooting Tips:



E-triloquist is installed, but won't start

E-triloquist Runs, but not perfectly

First make sure you are on the latest version. In E-triloquist, go to "Help" and then "Check for Program Updates...". This will connect you to the E-triloquist web site and instruct you on how to upgrade if you are not on the most recent version.

Solving problems with the current version:

Frequently Asked Questions

If all else fails, or you're just unsure, Contact Us with the specifics of your difficulty and we will do what we can to help.